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Episode 58: “It’s only a game”

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This week the boys get into football; The Patriots are still looking like number one but they have some solid contenders in the NFC chomping at their heels.

They also talk a little baseball… they discuss the probable outcomes of the 2019 World Series with the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros.

And finally they finish things off with their review of some movies and tv.

Josh and Nathan rate Zombieland: Doubletap. They also give their rating on Paul Rudd’s dramatic tour de force Living With Yourself. Which is a new Netflix series. And still no Caleb sightings…😢

Episode 57: “Caleb, we missed you…”

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In this episode, the lads do what they always do. They talk Cowboys. Fire Garrett? If so, when? They also discuss probable outcomes for the remaining schedule. And the Texans win!

Next up, Josh and Nathan give their takes on Joker. Nathan loved it, Josh fell asleep… they also mention Zombieland:Doubletap.

And they finish things with TV and it’s bounty of offerings such as: The Righteous Gemstones and Fleabag.

Episode 56: “The One With No Title”

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In this episode, the boys are up to their usual shenanigans. They start off by talking Cowboys. Have the hopes of a long playoff run begun to fade? Is last year’s bad play calling making a comeback? They also talk Packers and Texans.

Next up, they discuss movies, such as It: Chapter 2 and a few others.

And finally they finish things off with a little tv.

Episode 55: “The Round Table”

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In this episode, the boys switch venues, but have the same spectacular takes. They talk football, for too long…it’s football season, so of course they’re gonna lose track of time. Drew Brees is down, Big Ben is out probably for good, and The Cowboys look to be poised for a championship run.

They finally switch gears and talk movies. It: Chapter 2 is out and making its presence felt at the box office. And they also discuss Paul’s choice for an Academy award, Hustlers.

They finish things off with some tv, like Righteous Gemstones, updates on Jack Ryan,  and The Mandalorian, and preview a couple of comedy specials.

Episode 54: “Zeke’s Rich”

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In this episode, the lads go big and start off with the topic on everyone’s mind right now. Global Warming….

Nah, they talk Ezekiel Elliot’s new contract. Was it worth it for the Cowboys? They also discuss the upcoming NFL season, and how the Cowboys will fare this year. 

They also talk movies. Up for discussion is It: Chapter 2 and Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Joker…

They finish things off with a little tv and give their ratings on the widely popular superhero extravaganza known as The Boys. Sit back, relax, and get ready to have your mind melted.

Episode 53: “Burt’s A Racist”

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In this episode the boys come back swinging! They start off with sports and talk Cowboys. Will Zeke ever come to play? The preseason sucks.

Next up they talk movies. They discuss upcoming trailers, some Spider-Man news and Nathan won’t shut up about The Red Sea Diving Resort.

Finally, they finish things off talking some tv. They talk Yellowstone, The Righteous Gemstones, The Boys, and Succession.

So, sit back and enjoy the show. Or don’t…

Episode 52: “Preseason”

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In this episode, the guys start off with football. Does the preseason even matter?  They talk probables for the Cowboys, and the possibility of Tom Brady getting turned into powder if he gets hit hard next season.

They also chime in with movies. They rate Crawl, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and have a panel discussion on Tarantino films.

They finish things off with some tv, such as: The Boys, and other Seth Rogen projects. And finally, Producer Paul is done with Netflix. They had a good run but….

Episode 51: Finishing Move

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Awwww yeah the boys are back for another episode of ridiculous antics! They start off talking movies. They talk The Art of Self Defense, The Lion King, Avengers Endgame overtaking Avatar as number 1 all time at the box office.

Next, they discuss some tv, like Stranger Things season 3, Nathan gets pervy and talks Harlots, and they throw in some coming soons like The Boys.

Finally, they finish it up with The Cowboys winning the Super Bowl. So buckle in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

Episode 50: “I’m 50!”

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Awww yeah the boys are back at it in this most epic of podcasts. Our 50th! They get it started with movies, talking Spider-Man: Far From Home, Producer Paul chimes in with his take on the zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, and the lads also throw in a few honorable mentions like Toy Story 4. 

Next, they talk some tv. Such as, Yellowstone and Good Omens. And, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy special, Right Now.

And finally, they bring it home and discuss the drama that has unfolded in NBA free agency. They talk winners and losers, and possible super teams…

So sit back, relax, and listen to the boys make this 50th episode their bitch.